Medicworks specializes in providing the below services

Healthcare Informatics

  • Integration of radiology devices to the RIS or HIS
  • Laboratory Analyzer Integration to the LIS
  • Integration of other data devices to the HIS
  • Installation of Radioactive Material Detection System

Insurance e-Claims

  • Installation of DHA eClaim System
  • Installation of HAAD eClaim System
  • Claims Remittance Management
  • Resubmission System
  • e-Authorization
  • e-Prescription

Patient Loyalty Program

  • Patient Enquiry and Management System
  • Patient Vaccination Alert System
  • Patient Revisit Alert System

Marketing / Sales

  • Integration of Auto e-mails
  • Integrated SMS Campaign system
  • eFlyers

Online Appointment System

Document Management & Digitization

  • Online Medical Forms
  • Digitization of Patient Medical File
  • Document Management System