Medicworks Authorized Partners

Medicworks is the fastest growing Healthcare Network in your Region & Globally.

Medical Suppliers, Healthcare Providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Radiology Centres, Pharmacies), Academicians who contribute and benefit from each other through Medicworks Health Informatics Portal are eligible to become a Medicworks Authorized Partner.

Medicworks extends it's reach to select regions of various countries through it's Franchisees, Affiliates and Agents who Medicworks refers to as "Partners"

These partners work very closely with us and are a part of or sale, marketing and support structure. They are independent organizations, companies and individuals. They shall help and service you in the best possible way. However, they have their own independent operations and policies and are accountable for their dealings with you. They are governed by the laws of their region and countries, over which Medicworks has no control and obligation.

Benefits: Become a Medicworks Authorized Partner

  • Resell Medicworks solutions and services
  • Sell your goods or services through Medicworks Portal
  • Earn Certifcation and market your certified Medicworks expertise
  • Enhance growth and profitability for your company or yourself.
  • Provide uniqueness in your business
  • Capitalize on the established and respected Medicworks brand.

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