Medicworks Enterprise Healthcare Information Software

The Organization

ANKA Digital Solutions, India the holding company for Medicworks, is a professionally run healthcare informatics product development and system integrator company. We are in active business for the last 16 years. Our Dubai operations started in 1996 and our North America operations in 2005. Today we operate globally through our partners who market and support our products.

It was founded by Mr.Arvind Mohan who is an engineer and has extensive experience in electrical/electronics/IT and healthcare domains. He had earlier worked on IBM, Sperry, DEC, DELL, HP and many high end systems and has 30 yrs of exposure and practical experience in the domain of data processing and communications.

He could foresee that healthcare industry shall soon be dependent on digital technology for patient medical data acquisition, storage and dissemination.

Today we have development centers in New Delhi, Dubai, New York and San Francisco and marketing offices in India, UAE, Singapore and USA.

We are promoted by a group of highly qualified engineers and healthcare experts from IIT’s and other reputed institutions from India and the USA, having more than 30 yrs or more of international experience in the IT and healthcare sectors. Its has top doctors in its advisory board.

Medicworks Global Team

Every member of the team is a dedicated individual who believes in the company philosophy and team work.

They are intelligent, confident and know their job well. Ambition and belief in long term goals and objectives keeps them motivated. For them their work and client is important. End user satisfaction makes them to strive for learning, improving and implementing.

Having gone through various scenarios over a period of time, they know how to make split second decisions and react to demanding situations. Backroom operations are fully computerized and organized. The teams function in a parallel setup avoiding the delays inherent in a hierarchical system.

For every project, a team is dedicated to operate as an independent cell in a web like structure, with job delegations from the central coordinating team which interfaces with the clients.

We have means and knowledge to deliver quality products & services to its clients very effectively and consistently. We work hard to be "Intelligently Ahead."

The Brand

Medicworks are now international brands offering wide range of high tech medical software and data services to the healthcare industry ranging from hospitals, pathological labs, radiology centers, insurance and patients. All products and services are developed by in-house R&D teams.

Products & Services

Medicworks products and services are proven in the field and are being used by state of the art hospitals, clinics, specialty clinics, insurance companies and 1000’s of users. It adapts the latest standards, guidelines in healthcare management and enabling IT technologies.

They are offered as a suite of software services or applications on the internet cloud, which any modern hospital and connected patients need today.

This gamut of services offered by Medicworks helps the users to enhance the management of medical care, patient empowerment and marketing of their services to people within the country and abroad.